Our History

ALCOM Corporation of Florida, Inc. is the parent company of Capstan Marketing, Behålla Communications, Mossa Design Group, and Spatterwork Media & Entertainment.

Four Companies With One Mission

Since 1992, we have provided an array of services to businesses across the country. Our award-winning team applies an integrated marketing approach designed to create demand and grow sales. They believe in “values-based marketing” in which the vision and the character of the client are celebrated and the commitment of the client to the quality of life for others is clear.

Capstan Marketing develops marketing plans with clear, measurable objectives that provide the foundation for sales and advertising activity. This integrated marketing approach translates into effective and efficient advertising that empowers your sales message and motivates buyers.

Sustainable, growth is best achieved through a balanced, organic process of targeted acquisition and the strategic retention of buyers.
Our integrated approach will deliver your long-term growth objectives.

Capstan: an apparatus that provides leverage for lifting heavy weights.