Telephone on hold service across America since 1992.


    We make it easier for you to keep your callers listening and ready to do business. Several pricing plans are available to best fit your budget. All of our plans include complete 24/7 support, monitoring, and all production services. Give your callers what they need. Confirm with them how much you care.

    Keeping your callers on track.

    Stay on track with your callers. They need information. Your business needs to keep them connected. KustomerKeeper does both. This is no time for canned, worn-out phrases that push your callers away. This is your moment to convert a phone call into a sale and an opportunity to serve.

    KustomerKeeper provides your callers with timely information that keeps them listening and ready to do business. We monitor your recordings and remind you when it is time to update so that your callers never hear out-dated information.

    We create engaging recordings with great music and meaningful messages that present your business as caring, plugged in, and ready to help. We do all the work and you keep your callers motivated and informed.

    Service Plans & Pricing

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