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    ALCOM Corporation owns and operates four companies devoted to advancing your business growth: Capstan Marketing, BehÄlla Communications, Mossa Design Group, and Spatterwork Media



    A friend listens to you and helps you achieve your goals. A friend is someone who connects you with the right people and helps you find the right solutions. They respond quickly to your requests for help and you can depend on them to remain loyal.
    For us, being a friend means that we give you this kind of consistent, professional, guidance and remain devoted to your success through ups and downs. It means you can trust us and expect us to know what you want for your business.
    Maybe you need a friend like that.

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    Marketing & Public Relations


    Capstan Marketing is a full-service advertising and marketing agency, and PR firm. We provide account management, media placement, social media managment, and earned media development.

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    The term marketing is applied by professionals and consumers in different ways to describe an array of promotional activities. The core idea amounts to the matter of moving people toward your idea, your service, or your product emotionally, intellectually and behaviorally. We develop your marketing plan, place your advertising, develop your web presence and drive your sales all within an integrated strategy.


    All advertising media work in some way to achieve a given objective. But, they do not all work in the same way. The medium you choose will influence your message dramatically and unless your creative team respects that fact, you will end up with useless presentation that wastes time and money. Our team of audio, video, web, and graphic designers bring decades of award-winning experience to your projects.


    ALCOM is committed to the creation of engaging media outlets and entertainment that share a common theme. Our mission is to give opportunity for the unsung heroes, untold stories and un-celebrated music that offers a fresh perspective on what it means to be human. Our radio show, our magazine and our radio station are examples of this mission realized.


    Stay connected to your clients, customers and members. With our communications tools, you can keep them informed with useful, timely information that can be critical to the growth of your business. Our KustomerKeeper telephone on hold recordings are preferred because callers don't find them cliche of boring. We create customized audio recordings for your voice mail and your website and our TextMarket SMS text advertising service provides your followers with special discounts, timely updates and notifications. Our customized email newsletters are carefully managed and designed with highly-targeted content for maximized response rates.



    We believe in creating effective media solutions for businesses that are on a journey toward giving more. Our magazine, our radio station, our web development and our radio show do just that. As media outlets, they bring an unduplicated opportunity for us to share your message with a receptive audience.



    Our offices and studios are located on the east side of Tallahassee, Florida with regular hours from 10:00am to 7:00pm Monday through Friday and other times by appointment.

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